Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Juggernaut Index: Reloaded

Aight. The regional championships are rapidly approaching, and nationals slots are on the line. It's time to do a quick review of the juggernauts, young and old. Here are some cases of note.

The Top 10 
(Returning favorites are in italics, new contenders in bold)
  1. Smallpox eradication: This case is so yummy. You have many many different directions to go on justifications, the DAs are based on fear-mongering and not science, and St. Tucker is the advocate. 
  2. Bio-detection: Still awesome. Still winning. (Formerly ranked 1,2)
  3. IPR Enforcement: This case is lovely. I wish more people were running it.
  4. JVOS Conditioning: Makes JV worth watching. 
  5. Pull out Tactical Nukes: Why haven't we done this already? (Formerly ranked meh)
  6. MSSIS Integration: The ethos neg brief is useless if you want to beat this case.
  7. Bilateral Investment Treaty: Sketchy negatives are sketchy.
  8. Ban Cluster Bombs: I just like this case. I can't help it. (Formerly ranked 9)
  9. Jackson-Vanik Graduation: Begrudgingly, I will alot this a place on the hallowed list. It still bores me. 
  10. Space Weapons: Beat the T, and this case is sound. (Formerly ranked 3)

The Fallen (former juggernauts that have seen better days)
  • Cyber Security: I saw Peter Voell's brief on this case. Enough said. Keep this aff handy to use as fuel during a nuclear winter. That's about all it's good for.
  • Bush BMD: Turns out the status quo is better, the tech is glitchy, and the case is only tentatively topical. Oops. 
  • WTO support: It passed.

  • Overturn 123
  • Overturn START
  • Minimal deterrence
  • Arctic militarization
  • NATO expansion
  • Adoptions/orphans
  • Arm wrestle with Putin


  1. where's the like button?


    I just created it.


  2. although I do disagree with your smallpox analysis...and hope to prove that if I hit the case this weekend at the fun tourney.

  3. "Bush BMD: Turns out the status quo is better, the tech is glitchy, and the case is only tentatively topical. Oops. "


  4. What is JVOS conditioning?

  5. Glad to see JVA is up there now :P

    Buuuuuut I disagree on JVOS. No offense, Peter.

    ~ Preston

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  7. Bahahaha.

    NATO!! :D


  8. This conversation from the last qualifier I was at might make you happy:

    Novice debater 1: There is this guy who writes a blog all about debate stuff and he said your case is soooo bad and will never win.
    me: Oh no! Really?? I don't know what I'm going to do now!
    Novice debater 2: YEAH!! His name is like...wolunflower. Or something.
    me: Sounds pretty scary!
    Novice debater 1: Oh yeah, your case better watch out. The wolunflower's after it!